about me


I began photographing in 2012 and soon became obsessed with mastering the fundamentals that make an image great. From light to shadows, composition, and emotion, I dedicated my efforts to master these concepts. I fell in love with the pursuit of new challenges and understanding the intricacies of how different camera bodies, lenses, and other gear could affect an image. When drones became a prominent tool in photography and videography, I took advantage of the skills I learned on the ground and became inspired by the opportunities aerial photography allowed. Today, I find passion everyday in seeing new perspectives and helping clients deliver their vision. As your Drone Photographer, Everest Aerials will capture the moments you need with creative twists that are sure to impress. Want to know more? Send a message or call today.

My specialty

Drone photography fuels me to capture creative photos and video everyday. I love getting outside and accomplishing amazing shots that couldn’t be had just a few years ago. Taking those shots and passing them onto happy clients is what gets me up in the morning.

What do you need from your photographer? Aerial shots?  On the ground professional grade photos and video? Send me a message regarding what you need. 

Core Values

A lot of responsibility comes with being a photographer. The job requires diligence to capture moments that could be lost or time and money wasted if not done correctly. I pride myself on knowing my gear and bringing knowledge and enthusiasm to every job.